Olga Kutuzova, Founder and Head Coach

Olga has over 35 years of coaching experience, holds the Master of Sport Title, and is one of the top rhythmic gymnastics coaches in the country. Her successful program has produced many different level champions over the years, including local, state and region championships winners, and the US National Champion Bethesda native Julie Zetlin, who was also titled as Pan

American Championships and Games Campion, World Championships Finalist, and 2012 Olympian. Olga is a certified JO (USA) and FIG (International) Brevet Judge.

Under Olga’s leadership, young protegees achieve their own personal goals, whether it is to become a better athlete, improve flexibility, compete at the Junior Olympics or represent the country and the team at international competitions. Developing strong bonds with the sport

and the club, former gymnasts keep coming back to either become coaches/instructors or to volunteer at the competitions.

Olga’s continued success has allowed her to expend her stuff to include gifted choreographers, outstanding rhythmic and ballet instructors, a knowledgeable conditioning trainer and a marketing specialist.

While the USA Gymnastics active member Olga was entitled “Coach of the Year”, has been serving in Elite Coaches Committee, Rhythmic Program Committee, and the USAGym Administrative Committee Region 5 Chair.

Was recently elected the USAGym National Judge Representative.

Julia Tarakanova

Julia Tarakanova, a former rhythmic gymnast herself, graduated from Omsk College of Trade and Economy (Omsk, Russia) with a major in Business/Commerce in 1998. Since then was working in different companies as a marketing specialist/project manager.

Was volunteering for Capital Stars for several years until was offered there a position of Marketing Manager in 2014. Since then Julia runs annual competitions and performances, organizes events and parents’ meetings, attracts new students and sponsors, creates personalized team materials, etc. Keeps volunteering as a coach. She has her own two daughters as Capital Rhythmics Team members.

Recently, Julia was elected to serve as USAGym Administrative Committee Maryland State Chair.


Nataliya Bystrov

As a former high-level athlete herself Nataliya knows exactly what is needed to develop strength and endurance. Nataliya graduated from the Kharkov Academy of Physical Culture and Sport and earned the Honored Master of Sport of International Class Title.  As a member of the Soviet Union National Team she became a finalist in hurdle running at the 1992 Olympics.

Since then Nataliya was mastering her coaching technics by traveling the world and preparing National Teams for the important events. Nataliya is an expert in muscles work, and since 2013 she successfully applies her knowledge helping Capital Rhythmics Team athletes to excel their skills and to avoid the injuries. She also introduces basic conditioning exercises to the Capital Stars recreational classes students.

Daria (Dasha) Mozolina

Competitive team coach and recreational classes instructor

Daria (Dasha) Mozolina is a rhythmic coach, dancer, and choreographer. Dasha completed most of her rhythmic gymnastics training in Moscow as a member of the competitive Group program. She earned a Candidate of Master of Sport of Russian Federation. Upon moving to the US she continued her gymnastics training at Capital Rhythmics and qualified to be a member of Region 5 team in 2014 and 2015 competition seasons under Olga Kutuzova’s coaching direction.

Dasha became a USA Gymnastics certified coach in 2015 and is currently pursuing BA in Dance with a minor in Computer Science at the University of Maryland. She loves rhythmic gymnastics because it merges athletism with art and fosters a sense of community and uniqueness at once. Dasha is passionate about teaching and is eager to share her knowledge with her students.


Irina Khoranova

Ballet teacher and recreational classes teacher

 Irina is a talented and dedicated professional in the field. Graduated from Krasnodar State Academy of Art (Class of Choreography) she couldn’t stop dancing and choreographing. For many years Irina was performing as a member of State Ensemble in addition to work as a choreographer for the different studios and Art schools.   Not only she has an intention to teach the others, Irina also is a passionate tango dancer herself.

 Before started working at Capital Rhythmics in 2016 Irina was teaching in Russian Ballet Academy in Columbia for 2 years, and successfully implemented her teaching methods into the school program.

Beginner Level and Classes Instructors


Valentina Mozolina

Former rhythmic gymnast, a dancer. High School Junior.

Alena Tarakanova

Former competitive Capital Rhythmics Team member. USAGym member since 2010. High School Senior.

Sima Lipkhen

Former rhythmic gymnast (Los Angeles, CA). Community College Freshmen.