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About Rhythmic Gymnastics

#1 Sport for Women

Rhythmic Gymnastics, the number one sport in the world for women, which is rapidly gaining popularity in the United States.  Unlike “artistic” gymnastics, in which athletes perform using apparatus such as the balance beam, parallel bars, and vault, “rhythmic” is a sport that combines extreme flexibility, ballet movements, and basic acrobatics, while manipulating various apparatus, such as a hoop, a ball, clubs, rope, or ribbon.

Each movement involves a high degree of athletic skill. Physical abilities needed by a rhythmic gymnast include strength, flexibility, agility, dexterity, endurance and hand-eye coordination. In addition to developing these skills, rhythmic gymnastics offers life-long benefits such us improved focus, confidence, and even improved bone health in girls, as this recent study shows.

Rhythmic Gymnastics is an Olympic sport whose athletes often go on to perform with dance companies and are sought after by choreographers for their creativity, versatility, unique movement style, discipline, beauty, strength, and maturity.


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Rhythmic Gymnastics is one of the most elegant sports, an Olympic sport, which gracefully combines athleticism and art. “Each movement involves a high degree of athletic skill. Physical abilities needed by a rhythmic gymnast include strength, power, flexibility,

agility, dexterity, endurance and hand-eye coordination.” – USA Gymnastics

Our team consists of gymnasts ages 6 and up, who move through different levels of training and compete at state, regional, national, and international events all year around. We also implement a recreational program for those who would like to learn rhythmic gymnastics but

do not want to participate in the competition. Girls as young as 4 years old can be enrolled in these recreational classes.

As many sport educators around the world, we truly believe that the sport of rhythmic gymnastics provides a thorough and well-rounded physical development to those who choose to do it even recreationally.


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