Olga Kutuzova, Head Coach



Olga Kutuzova, Founder and Head Coach

 Olga has over 35 years coaching experience, holds the Master of Sport Title,  and is one of the top rhythmic gymnastics coaches in the country. Her successful program has produced many different level champions over the years, including local, state and region championships winners, and the US National Champion Bethesda native Julie Zetlin, who was also titled as Pan American Championships and Games Campion, World Championships Finalist, and 2012 Olympian. Olga is a certified JO (USA) and FIG (International) Brevet Judge.

 Under Olga’s leadership, young protegees achieve their own personal goals, whether it is to become a better athlete, improve flexibility, compete at the Junior Olympics or represent the country and the team at international competitions. Developing strong bonds with the sport and the club, former gymnasts keep coming back to either become coaches/instructors, or to volunteer at the competitions.

  Olga’s continued success has allowed her to expend her stuff to include gifted choreographers, outstanding rhythmic and ballet instructors, a knowledgeable conditioning trainer and a marketing specialist.  

  While the USA Gymnastics active member Olga was entitled “Coach of the Year”, has been serving in Elite Coaches Committee and Rhythmic Program Committee.

Recently was elected as USAGym Administrative Committee Region 5 Chair.