About Us…

Our results speak for themselves. In its nearly two decades of existence, Capital Rhythmics (formerly Rhythmflex) has produced U.S. national and international champions.  What our gym is most proud of is the sense of family, community, and respect. The combination of these values and the best training available in MD- some would say nationwide-  is the secret to our success, and has made us a top choice for any young lady interested in the sport of rhythmic gymnastics.  Capital Rhythmics is more than a gym.  It is a family.

You are welcome to bring your daughter for a free tryout class. When you come into our outstanding facility, the first thing you will notice is an unusually high ceiling and a carpet filled with girls of all ages, stretching their bodies in ways that seem nearly impossible.  The older, more experienced girls may be practicing their ballet regimen, while the girls who attend recreational classes try to catch a ball between their knees.

You might see one of the balls bouncing away from a tiny six-year old, and when she looks up, she finds that a young woman – our national champion and Olympic hopeful – is holding out the ball, ready to give her a reassuring word.  “You will catch it next time,” she smiles as the little one scampers away with a huge smile on her face. At Capital Rhythmics, our parents, gymnasts and coaches inspire and help each other and this is what fuels our girls’ continued effort to achieve their full potential.

Why Parents Choose Capital Rhythmics…

If you ask our athletes’ parents about us, some will tell you how amazing it has been to watch their daughter’s body being re-sculpted, her posture improved, or her confidence growing immensely as she achieves goals or she performs in front of a big crowd. Other parents will express how much more focused and driven their daughters have become, or how this has helped their school grades go up. But most of all, all parents agree on a greater benefit, which is that their daughters are making great friends, and they are learning invaluable community and team-oriented skills that will serve them for life.

History of  Capital Rhythmics

In the early 90’s, Rhythmflex, which eventually evolved into Capital Rhythmics, produced Olympian Tamara Levinson, who would go on to dance in movies and tour with Madonna.  Throughout the 90’s, Rhythmflex produced numerous U.S. national team members who competed for the United States in both individual and group competition.

In the early 2000’s, Olga Kutuzova took over coaching duties with the philosophy that each girl could be a champion in her own right.  Since then, many girls have achieved national gold medal status, either in individual or group competition, and have been selected as members of the national Youth Elite and Future Stars squads.

Currently, Capital Rhythmics is home to Julie Zetlin, 2010 US National Champion, 2011 Pan American Games Champion, 2011 Pacific Rim Champion and 2012 Olympian.  Julie and her teammates train at the beautiful Katie Fitzgerald Victory Youth Center in Darnestown, Md.

Most recently, Capital Rhythmics extended its presence in the local community by forming a professional collaboration with Special Olympics of Frederick County, Maryland’s rhythmic program. We also offer specialized stretching classes with “the dancer in mind.”

Capital Challenge

For many Europeans, Capital Rhythmics is the “face” of our nation to the athletes of the world.  And nowhere is this more evident than at the Capital Challenge, the annual international competition which is hosted by Capital Rhythmics and held here in our nation’s capital for rhythmic gymnasts of all ages and skill levels.  Athletes have traveled through 13 time zones and from all five continents to join more than 300 other girls in a week-long extravaganza that includes training at our gym, sightseeing, meeting local dignitaries, and staying with local families for an all-American good time.  Since its inception, Capital Challenge has grown to be one of the largest competitions in North America, and certainly one of the most popular.